Lost to the Yin & Yang

by Preston Whitehurst

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released January 29, 2009

flute on "Koyaanisqatsi" by Natalie Harp

Cove photo by Celeste Classon



all rights reserved


Preston Whitehurst Fullerton, California

Introspective lo-fi psychedelic gaze.

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Track Name: Color My Feet
Lifeguard tower's empty
So I climb up, sit inside
An hour after sunset
Loose ends drawing
A sketch of night

Winter Sky
knows I'm watching
I hear the Song
I'm off to find It

Covered by my heartbeat
Lovingkindness in an ancient tide
Running down the shoreline
With my arms spread,
Turning circles, spinning sky

Sailing free in my own skin
Color my feet
Won't You take me in
Now, one frame at a time
Track Name: Jackie Bird
Jackie Bird,
With white angel wings
On a thread of pearls

I'll carry you
And your ballet shoes
Across the water

We'll all walk down to the corner
Of the liquor store
I'll wait outside and wonder what it's for

Those black bags
Under vampire wings
To dull your senses,
Make your head ring
To carry you and your ballet shoes
A little further

Your thoughts will climb the breeze
All washed out and blurred
Softly smiling with your arms
Around my neck for all it's worth
(I feel so sure)

Jackie Bird
With blue-shaded eyes,
Feathers in your curls
Track Name: Joal's Car
I used to walk down your driveway
To the passenger side
Of my friends old car
Scraping frost from the window
Climbing over the seat
Throwing a sweater on
And I turn the key

Look up at your window
I see your silhouette
Below the shades
Waving at me

I flip on the lights
Slowly pull away
Waving back to you
So in love with you

I used to drive so carefully
Down the dimly lit streets
Playing the music loud
All the lights were green

The wind blows through the window
Yeah, it still won't roll up
But my hands are warm
My sleeves are long
My mind is calm
And I'm driving home
Track Name: Kiss My Fate
A hint of cold in your soft green eyes
My love on a leash I don't recognize
As she stares at me from the ledge
Gonna kiss my fate

And I can't keep up
With your furious pace
If you don't slow down,
My knees will cave
When she stares at me from the ledge
Gonna kiss my fate

On the way back to the start of it all
Flashing through a foggy slideshow

And she stared at me from the ledge
I just kissed my fate
Track Name: Place to Be (Nick Drake)
When I was young,
Younger than before
I never saw the truth
Hanging from the door

And Now I'm older
See it face to face
And now I'm older
Gotta get up, clean the place

And I was green,
Greener than the hill
Wear the flowers grew
And sun shone still
And now I'm darker
Than the deepest sea
Just hand me down,
Give me place to be

And I was strong,
Strong in the sun
I thought I'd see
When day is done
But now I'm weaker
Than the palest blue
Oh, so weak in this need for you
Track Name: Lost to the Yin & Yang
New day is dawning
We're on the run
A frost at our feet
Folds to the rising Sun

I'm hand in hand with you
Hope we get lost soon

Let me be:
Happy, loved and peaceful
No ignorance leading me astray
Beautiful harmony
Lost to the Yin & Yang
Track Name: Let My Love Grow
Skeleton trees line the road
I'm walking slow
Wind tries to blow my eyes closed
I hardly know

There's a shore before the horizon
There's a Morning Star that's rising

Emptiness has carved me to the bone
To let my love grow
To be filled with all this beauty I'm shown
To swim with the flow

I'm ancient as all I can see
I'm already complete