Vast Emptiness, Nothing Special

by Preston Whitehurst

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released June 30, 2009



all rights reserved


Preston Whitehurst Fullerton, California

Introspective lo-fi psychedelic gaze.

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Track Name: My Feet Are On Fire
My feet are on fire
I'm moving away
My cards are thrown down
Shuffled in the flames

Northwest wind, I pray
Carry my ashes now
Love me all the way

My feet are on fire
The road's keeping me sane
I'm hopping around before I break

You know wherever we roam
It's closer, closer to home

And I'll sell my silver dollars just to get by
Track Name: Take Me, Home (Restin' Easy)
And I can't stop runnin' away
From all these things
You know I can't find a reason to stay
I was drowning

Now I'm restin' easy

Draw me close,
Draw me closer
But color in the lines
Till these clouds of smoke
Take me home, take me home
Take me out to life

Till I'm restin' easy

There's no other way to wake up
Track Name: Frozen Warning Signs
Hey, you know It's lonely now
Climbing up the stairs
Without a final word
Pulling at my heart

When it's cold as hell I know it's summertime
When I look into your eyes I'm blind
To frozen warning signs

Hey, you know the Autumn Sky
She's pulling at my heart
Sending love in breazy sighs
Slipping through the dark

And I'm falling out of love
I'm burning down
Like a torch to hide your frown
If I knew another way to die
You know I'd make it mine

Hey, you know it's beautiful
Falling down the stairs
Track Name: Amber Sun
Amber Sun,
Shining drum
Hazel stare
Keeps me here

Love is just a crack in the wall
Of my tired heart

Smokescreen thoughts
Hope I'm not
Too lost to give
Away my sin

Part this sea
Of shade and sorrow
You know it's been holding me
Track Name: Koishii Sarah
Sail down a concrete stream
Twlight, twilight
Yeah, it hits me

Alone, watching the Moon
Falling around me to you


Feathers paint the breeze
Swiftly, swiftly ride by me

Stars are shining through
A blanket that's faded from my view

The birds still sing to fly
Over, over when we pass by
Safe inside a time
Shining, always shining for us to find

Sarah, I miss you

Feeling lonely, lonely when I get stoned and come down on my own
Track Name: Heavy Sunshine Eyes
I want it to rain
Tears from an ocean in the sky
Take me downstream
White water splashes in my sight

I'll soak you in now slowly
I'll take you in now only

Where am I gonna turn
With these shades blocking my sides
Is it all just a straight line you draw
With heavy sunshine eyes?

You broke right through
And my cloudy thoughts sent me away
Storm's coming soon

My hands are empty, I'm OK
I'm dreaming every night
I'm waiting for my flight
Track Name: The Sun In My Heart
I want to love
Before the world ends, honey
I want to laugh
Before it all leaves me crying

The Sun is in my heart
And She's leading me

I want to love
Before the world ends, honey
I want to smoke one down with you, darling

Throw up your hands
You know there's no need to worry
Throw up your hands
You know there's no need to hurry

There's vast emptiness, nothing special here
Track Name: Broken English
Tampta, what is the night to closed eyes
Could it answer where you are?
I'd like to see the way you do
Past my eyelids so far

That my thoughts are lost for words
For that seamless song that burns
Tampta, it's in your heart

Could you show me how to start
My days anew
With thoughts that leave me tangled to
Broken English, perfect time
Foreign melodies that fly
Track Name: Fall Back Into Place
I walk with hand in the wind
And you're gone
You think I'm tripping hard
But you're wrong

When I'm stuck inside your gaze
I fall back into place

You walk so fast,
You bury my feet
You touch my head
I drown in my seat

And I'm lost inside a time that won't come
I'm dreaming of blank pages filling up

I lived with a heavy heart for so long
Trying to pick up what was done
Track Name: Deep Diver
Sister, don't you worry
They'll be high times coming soon
Drop your old ways
Pick up sunshine
In the nighttime
To send you out in tune

I feel nothing
I'm miles high
I'm an anchor broken loose

I'm a deep diver

Brother, I am climbing
Past the Pirates
Watching out for Snapping Turtles
Gonna find the no name healer
On the peaks of Hippie Hill